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Couponing – it’s a roller coaster ride

by / Tuesday, 25 August 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

When you get in to couponing there are going to be days where you are jazzed because you “scored” a great deal. Then there will be lows, where your coupon was rejected. Today, I experienced both.

I started out my day armed with a fistful of coupons for Victoria’s Secret where I managed to get 4 pairs of undies, a bra AND a long sleeve tee for just $42.  Basically, I only paid for the bra and everything else was free. Those are one of the few things that I will spend money on.

What started out so good quickly turned sour when I headed in to Walmart. They have become the bane of my couponing existence with all of the changes they have been making to their policy lately. They had an awesome deal on summer scents Glade candles (they were marked down to $2.50 with an additional 50% off of that price). I had a coupon for $2.25 off one. Awesome, right? I also had a coupon good for $2 off Simple Green, which was priced at $1.97.  I approached the checkout with my items and my coupons. The cashier scanned everything and then went to my coupons. I know that they don’t give overage, but they used to adjust the coupon amount to the item cost. Apparently, they are no longer allowed to do that, per the cashier and manager. I did still get a good deal on the Glade candles, but it was not the awesome deal I had expected. I also had to pay full price for the cleaner because the coupon wouldn’t scan. I will still shop there for clearance and other things that are lower priced than elsewhere, but they have made it so difficult to use coupons, I won’t be doing my every day shopping there any more.

This is one wild roller coaster ride, but I would not change it for the world. Being able to get what I want and need at a fraction of the normal cost is totally worth the frustrations that sometimes come along with it.

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