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How I am getting organized in 2016

by / Sunday, 17 January 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I make money working from home. The problem is this: I could not tell you exactly what I made last year at any one place because I make it in so many different places.

This year, I have made a resolution (I know, it sounds scary) to get more organized. I have made a list of all the places I make money and I am going to put it in an Excel spreadsheet so that I can make an entry every time I cash out for that place.

Being organized in this fashion will allow me to allocate my time (which is in extra short supply these days) better and let me see where I am making the most money. I will also be able to better steer all of my readers to better opportunities. I am going to make an effort to do a list of my favorite money makers throughout the year for my readers.

In that spirit, I would like to share my top 3 in the survey department so that you can all get started making money in 2016!


  Opinion Outpost has tons of available surveys every day. The amount and frequency will depend on you.  They give you surveys based on your interests, location, etc.  I make at least $10-$20 per week, but have made over $100 on one survey before.  I have a focus group that will take an hour of my time coming up this week, that will pay me $40 that I got from Opinion Outpost.

Toluna is another of my favorites.  You can cash out for a $10 gift card to several different stores and restaurants for as little as 30,000 points.  Survey values range from 50-10,000 and sometimes more.  I usually have about 20,000 points worth of surveys available every day.

E-Rewards  doesn’t have as many surveys available as my other 2 favorites, but the surveys usually pay very well.  They pay in “E-Rewards” cash which can then be traded in for magazine subscriptions, gift cards, loyalty rewards from your favorite programs (choice rewards, southwest airline miles, etc) and more.

There is the short list to get you started.  Next up? My top 3 favorite secret shopping apps.

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