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How to make a fancy gift basket on the cheap

by / Friday, 17 October 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

With the holidays coming up quickly, I thought I would share how I stretch the holiday budget so I can gift everyone I need to. These make great hostess gifts or gifts for teachers, etc. This is a good time to use all those great freebies you have gotten throughout the year.

First, I start out with a nice basket from the Dollar Tree. (any dollar store works) Then I purchase a nice coffee mug there too. I use coffee samples I have gotten through the year and place 1 or 2 in the coffee mug. I make cookies every year as well, so I place some baked goods in the basket too. Candles are purchased at low prices all year long, so a couple of those get placed in the basket. Then I wrap everything up with a gift basket bag I buy, you guessed it, at the Dollar Tree and decorate it with fancy ribbons ( I like the bags that can be shrink wrapped with a blow dryer). If you want to, you can place candy, gift cards (that you scored for free of course using survey sites, Mypoints or Swagbucks)  or other things in the basket. You can gift someone for less than $5 and they will never know because it looks fancy.


That is one in progress that I made for my sister’s birthday last year. The towels were free at JC Penney with a coupon, The bath pouf was free with coupons, the Bath & Body Works were free with coupons I received in the mail and the coffee in the mug was a sample of Gevalia. Candles I had on hand. All told, I spent about $3 making this basket filled with awesome goodies.

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