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How to save money on meat

by / Friday, 18 September 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

We all know that there are rarely ever coupons for meat, but there are ways to save money on it!

1. Buy it on sale—- Retailers often run specials on different types of meat. When it is at a low price, it only makes sense to stock up. Which leads to

2. Buy in bulk — when retailers package meat,they will often give discounts on bigger packages. (i.e. My butcher shop has a special where if you buy 3 # of ground chuck it is only $2.99 per # instead of $3.09) Which leads me to number 3….

3. Buy from a butcher shop— It has been my experience that you not only get better prices, you also get better cuts of meat at a butcher shop.

I spent just under $100 this week at the butcher and got enough meat for 36 meals (for 2 people) including,

10# ground chuck
1.25 # sirloin steak (Which I was able to cut into 4, 4 oz steaks)
2.5 # chuck roast (which will make 2 pot roast dinners and 2 beef stew dinners with the leftovers)
10# of boneless, skinless chicken breast ( separated into 11 meals)
1 salmon filet ( which makes 2 meals)
8 # pork loin (which made 7 large chops and 4, 1 # pork roasts)

With the total price and the amount I was able to purchase, that averages out to $1.50 per person, per meal. Not too shabby!

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