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It’s about to get real

by / Tuesday, 16 September 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

It’s about to get real. Like really, real. The food we are eating in my household, that is. We have decided to undertake the 10 day Fed Up challenge in my household where we can’t have any sugar or anything with added sugar in it. This includes sugar substitutes like Splenda. We can however use natural sweetening agents like honey.

We are on day 6 and so far the challenge is finding everyday items that don’t have sugar (in any form in it). I was at the grocery store the first day and even the “sugar free” bread had dextrose (another sneaky name for sugar) in it. That means it isn’t exactly sugar free. I ended up getting ingredients to make real sugar free bread at home.

My biggest challenge so far has been coffee creamer. I used half & half, which was fine, but I missed my flavored creamy goodness in my coffee. I tried one recipe for vanilla flavored cream that used coconut milk as a base. It just wasn’t creamy enough. I am currently working on a second recipe that used a combination of whole milk and heavy cream. I will find out how it tastes come morning.

As a result of eating less processed foods to avoid the sugar, we are naturally eating more fruits, vegetables and fresh foods. Because we aren’t drinking soda or sugary juices, we are naturally drinking more water. Even though we are almost through with the 10 days, I am going to try to continue limiting our intake of sugar laden processed foods. I may have to return to buying the store coffee creamer, but I will continue to make my own bread.

So far, in 6 days, I have lost 4 pounds. That is strictly from cutting the sugar from my diet. I haven’t exercised. I feel great. I am more energetic and I am sleeping better at night. Beyond how I feel and the weight I have lost, I am spending less by making some things from scratch. Instead of paying $2-$4 for a loaf of “healthy” bread from the store, I paid $10 for the ingredients to make 12-15 loaves of bread. I also know everything that went into each loaf. It isn’t filled with sugar and preservatives.

Do you have it in you to take this challenge? To learn more about it and see how sugar is affecting you, visit Fed Up. If you take the challenge, let me know how you do.


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