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Put your phone to work for you with these apps

by / Monday, 22 June 2015 / Published in Uncategorized

I love making money and making money from my smartphone is SO EASY! Download these must have apps today.

Gigwalk: Gigwalk provides you with a list of “Gigs” in your surrounding area. These can be anything from taking photos of an in-store display or reviewing a website. Each Gig pays anywhere from $2 to $100. For each Gig you complete, you build your reputation, which means more Gigs and more pay. You apply for the Gigs you want and if the company acccepts your application, you complete it within a deadline. Payments are made within 3 days of submission via Paypal.

Ibotta: Ibotta is an app that provides you rebates for your grocery purchases. New items are constantly added to the list of available rebates and you can buy them at many different stores. There are bonuses every month as well for earning a certain amount in rebates.

Receipt Hog: Earn points towards Paypal cash outs just by taking a photo of your receipts from grocery stores, department stores, and more. No special stores to shop, no special items to buy. How much easier can you get? Every 1000 points earns you $5!

Field AgentThis app is similar to Gigwalk. Jobs are listed for your area and you can accept whichever ones you want to. Some of them require a purchase, but they will usually reimburse you for it. Jobs are constantly updated, but you only have 2 hours to complete them once you accept it.

Mobee: Mobee is a secret shopping app that allows you to do mystery shops easily from your smartphone. You earn points towards gift cards to your favorite stores. Enter code 7HWB in the referral box when you sign up!

Shopkick: Earn “kicks” for entering certain stores, finding and scanning certain items within the stores and making purchases. Turn those kicks in for gift cards to your favorite stores.

Easy ShiftWorks almost identically to Gigwalk and pays via PayPal once job is completed and approved.

Ipoll: Take fun quizzes for entry into a weekly drawing or take surveys and perform small, location based tasks for cash!

App Trailers: Watch videos, music, and app trailers (and install apps if you want) for points that translate to CASH! It’s not a lot, but I watch them while I am killing time in the doctor’s office, in line or at work.

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