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Sugar Free journey – not all foods are created equal

by / Tuesday, 30 September 2014 / Published in Uncategorized

We have been completely sugar free for almost a month now. This has led to us naturally eating less processed foods and making a lot of things for ourselves including flavored coffee creamer, bread and spaghetti sauce.

Today, at the grocery store I learned a valuable lesson on this journey, not all foods, even what appear to be identical foods, are created equal. I am a pretty frugal gal, so when it comes to things like cottage cheese, I figure they are all the same and go for the one with the lowest price tag. I learned today that I was wrong. The Kroger brand of cottage cheese had added sugar in the form of dextrose, so I opted for the Daisy brand instead which just had cultured milk, cream and salt. I have turned into a label reader and I don’t regret it because the payoff is worth the little bit of extra cost.

What is the payoff, you ask? 7 lbs of weight loss, lower blood pressure and higher energy levels. Mind you, that is strictly from cutting out sugar from my diet. I have not gone into training for a marathon or Zumba’d my way to weight loss. I haven’t taken any diet pills or herbal supplements. Have you taken either the #U

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